A modern-day family farming moo-sical!

Book by Eva Nimmer & Joel Kopischke | Music by Alissa Rhode | Lyrics by Joel Kopischke | Story by Joel Kopischke

Dairy Heirs is home grown, hearty, plenty sweet, with a side of tongue in cheek. Elsie Frederiks is a passionate farmer, continuing in her family’s long tradition. But when her father passes away unexpectedly, estranged older brother Gabe returns to Wisconsin from Los Angeles, with his own ideas about what to do with the family business. As the siblings wrestle with the fate of the farm, so do their partners, neighbors, two wannabe identical twin farmhands, and one extraordinary cow. Dairy Heirs untangles the question of what family tradition means to people with different dreams, and where — and with whom — one finds “home sweet home.” Learn more...

“This is a solidly made and played show with a solid company.” – WFRV, WeAreGreenBay.com, Warren Gerds, Critic-at-Large

“…it is perky and catchy, heated and laced with yearning…unloads a heap of puns on a theme and rings with family fun musicality.” – WFRV, WeAreGreenBay.com, Warren Gerds, Critic-at-Large

Northern Sky Artistic Director Jeff Ferbst introduces Dairy Heirs for their 2018 season.
Listen to clip from the title number of Dairy Heirs performed by the original company.

The CD is now available!

Dairy Heirs – the modern-day family farming moo-sical – is now available on CD!

Recorded LIVE at the Peninsula State Park Amphitheater in 2018 with the original cast and featuring the entire soundtrack – "Home", "Simple Joys", "Exactly Alike", "Left Behind", "News & Booze & Music #1", "Dairy Heirs", "Daddy’s Favorite", "The Big Cheese", "What Do You Do?", "Old News", "News & Booze & Music #2", "The Barn Door", "Exactly Alike (reprise)", "Grow A Pear", "Sing Your Own Song", "The Barn Door (reprise) & Fireworks", "Simple Joys (reprise)", and "No Place That I’d Rather Be".

Available for purchase through Northern Sky Theatre's online store.

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